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By coming together as workers we can take on the administrative bloat, financialization, and casualization of the academy, and end the poverty wages and deteriorating working conditions that come with it.

Join us as we build the movement to raise industry standards so that we can do the work we love without struggling to live.


AFT Academics dues are $11 per month for all union members.
Union member dues are a pool of small contributions that make big organizing possible. Dues help us win campus union elections, fight attacks on higher education, and reverse the erosion of workers rights.


Through workshops, one-on-one conversations, and on the ground practice, AFT Academics union organizers can help you and your colleagues develop the skills to build a powerful, democratic union on your campus.


As your organizing effort with AFT Academics grows so do the resources available to help you and your colleagues succeed. Whether that looks like help with list building and data management, or bullhorns and banners, your union has your back!


We connect you to a national movement of academic workers organizing for a fairer academy and a better world. By connecting we are able to support each other’s struggles on the ground and amplify them online.


To begin using your AFT member benefits right away you can create a member benefits account using this form. You can find your member number by selecting the “Look up” option and providing your last name and AFTA’s Local number (that’s 06593). Once you have registered, log in to see and access your AFT member only benefits here.

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These are just some of the benefits available to members of AFT Academics.


Meet Summer—an online resource, started by student loan borrowers who wanted to help others avoid bad information and bad actors in the student loan market. Summer harnesses the expertise of public policy experts to optimize borrower options, and it uses technology to make the process easy and secure. The AFT trusts Summer to help our members navigate student loan repayment.

Using Summer’s online student loan management platform, AFT members who enroll in this free member benefit can:

  • Enroll in income-driven repayment plans and manage annual income recertifications for these plans;
  • Complete the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Employment Certification Form and manage the PSLF certification and application process;
  • Find other options for loan forgiveness programs, including state- and occupation-based loan forgiveness, and get assistance in applying for them; and
  • Talk through options with Summer’s borrower success team so they can understand how to best maximize their loan repayment and forgiveness options.

Thousands of AFT members have already joined Summer, reducing their monthly payments by hundreds of dollars a month and saving tens of thousands over the life of their loans!

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