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West Virginia Campus Workers aims to build worker power by organizing across all paid WVU campus roles–giving workers the power to create real change. WVCW founding members represent a diverse alliance of workers organizing across the University over the past year to build a strong membership advocating for social and economic justice in higher-ed. While West Virginia law prevents us from bargaining collectively with our employers, our constitutional freedoms of speech and assembly empower us to become a union by acting like one.

In recent years, WVU workers have increasingly voiced frustrations over a wide range of issues, including the restrictive cost of graduate student fees, lack of support for employee well-being, and the University‚Äôs laissez-faire response to COVID-19 rates in the campus community. These issues can be addressed through consistent and thoughtful organizing of our WVU communities. Like proud West Virginian Hazel Dickens once sang, “Working people, use your power, the key to liberty! There ain’t no way they can ever keep us down!

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