Join us for a one of a kind series of organizing trainings designed to empower academic workers to win change on campus! These trainings are a resource provided to all AFT Academics members. Join today if you are not yet a member and would like to participate! 

The Organizing Conversation

Organizing conversations are the fundamental building block of any successful organizing effort. We’ll cover the tried-and-true structured conversation model used by unions everywhere.

Tough Organizing Conversations

As a follow up to the basic organizing conversation, we will cover how to handle more difficult conversations. This includes dealing with sensitive workplace issues, what to do if you run into someone who doesn’t support your effort, and how to respond to common objections.

Starting Your Union

This will be a topics-in-organizing style training on things like building your organizing committee, holding productive meetings, doing turn out for events, tracking your organizing data, and more.

Planning a Winning Issue Campaign

Winning change on campus takes careful planning. We will go over how to pick an issue to organize around, making your issue campaign serve your broader organizing goals, choosing your tactics, and planning your escalation path.

Social Media for Organizers

Social media is a powerful supplement to other organizing tools we’ll cover over the course of this series. This training will go over some basics, and then get into ways to use social media to find supporters, creative ways to engage your followers, and how to plug into the broader academic labor movement online.

Strategic Research for Organizers

Research is vital to understanding the context of your organizing effort, and the power dynamics at play. This training will look at resources for finding and understanding your institution’s finances, and other recommended research topics and best practices.

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