Graduate students organizing to improve working conditions.

Our Goal

Solidarity Tulane advocates for fully subsidized health insurance for all graduate workers at Tulane University.

This is part of our campaign to eliminate all health care fees that serve as barriers to the working poor.


“It’s difficult for us to pay 50% for my own insurance and then 100% for my spouse’s insurance with the stipend I get from Tulane. I am an international student on F1 visa and my wife is here on F2 visa which restricts her from any paid work, so my stipend is the only household income for us. I can’t say enough how much we need this subsidized health care from Tulane.”

“Especially at a time when the federal government is wavering on its commitment to education in general and higher education in particular (and don’t get me started on health care), please believe that supporting your graduate students this way will improve not only our access to health care, but help us balance budgets, alleviate sources of stress, and empower us to complete our work at the highest level. I have two young children, and lower health care costs would alleviate a significant financial burden and free up more time to complete my work.”

“Tulane’s received the largest set of donations in its history, just finished a lavish business school, and operates an actual mansion. Grad students are in large part the reason for this, providing professors with time and assistance to produce world class research. You can afford to pay for their doctors visits.”

“If healthcare is a requirement for enrollment, the financial burden should not be on graduate students who already rely on our stipend checks to survive. Tulane benefits too much from our contribution to not cover this basic necessity.”

“We need to invest in making sure our community at Tulane is equitable and open for people to work and study. This is an investment that supersedes new buildings and infrastructure: it is the kind that further enmeshed us within the New Orleans community at large and allows people the opportunity to change their lives for the better–without persistent economic anxiety.”


Tulane needs to step up for graduate workers

Tulane Hullabaloo op-ed.

April 2, 2020


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