Navigating TSHIP

  • Tulane-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (TSHIP) is the university health insurance plan run through United Healthcare Student Resources. 
  • Fast facts:
    • TSHIP costs $2820 per student per year. This is usually billed at $1410 per semester.
    • It is possible to add family members/dependents to this plan, but it costs extra and is unsubsidized. 
    • Tulane requires health insurance. You can opt out of TSHIP if you have a qualifying plan through another source. However, you cannot opt out if you have no other insurance. 
    • TSHIP is NOT accepted everywhere and you must have referrals for most specialists. There is a caveat here, so please email us if you need more guidance.
    • Most Tulane graduate students are not technically eligible for Medicaid. While we are aware that some graduate students have successfully enrolled in Mediaid, we are also aware that some graduate students have been audited and subsequently denied/revoked. 
  • Please email us at if you have questions about navigating TSHIP. We are not officially able to offer advice, but have significant collective knowledge about how TSHIP tends to work on the ground and would be happy to relay any informal information we do have or connect you with resources we are aware of. 

Counseling Center

  • Graduate students are permitted to access the university counseling center free of charge. However, it is a short-term model for treatment (12 treatments/academic year) and students are often referred to community counselors for long-term care. 
  • Aside from counseling, a variety of group classes are available, as well as medication consultations (these consultations tend to be booked out for a couple of months, in our experience).
  • For after-hours crisis support, The Line is available 24/7 to Tulane students. Call or text The Line at (504) 264-6074

Tulane Health Center

  • The Health Center offers basic care needs for graduate students on stipend. Those students who are no longer on stipend with the university must pay a semester fee of $320 if they wish to continue to have access to on-campus care.
  • After a significant lapse in qualified personnel in 2020, the Health Center once again offers on-campus gynecological services (