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“I hadn’t used CAPS this entire year because I did not pay the health center fee. Once I learned from social media that Tulane had temporarily waived the fee I was excited to set an appointment. I was told, however, that they were not accepting new patients at the time. It is only in the last week or two that they have begun to take new patients and I only knew this because I followed up. I wish the cancellation of the fee, and information about CAPS availability had been better communicated but I am happy to now be able to access these services.”

I visited the Health Center on 4/30 for a non-COVID-related health concern and had a wonderful experience. The staff were friendly, kind, and appropriately cautious about following social distancing protocols. It was a quick and pleasant visit, and I left with the prescription I needed for under $2. For me, it was a model of how the Health Center can best operate during a pandemic and also after, welcoming graduate students in need regardless of fee payment status.”

“If healthcare is a requirement for enrollment, the financial burden should not be on graduate students who already rely on our stipend checks to survive. Tulane benefits too much from our contribution to not cover this basic necessity.”