PETITION: Protect USF Staff Member

Mar 24, 2023 | Higher-Ed News

Open Letter from Union Members of the United Faculty of Florida:

To the University of South Florida Administration or other disciplinary bodies,

The University of South Florida has notified staff member Chrisley Carpio that they intend to fire her on Monday (3/27) due to her participation in a student protest on March 6th. We the undersigned trade unionists stand with Chrisley Carpio and demand that the USF administration drop all efforts to terminate or discipline her. Additionally we demand that the University of South Florida Police Department drop the charges against Chrisley Carpio and the three other young women who were brutalized and arrested.

The protest was put on with the aim of protecting USF’s multicultural programs currently facing attacks in the Florida legislature, led by Florida governor Ron DeSantis. The bill, HB 999, is just one among many bills that threaten to carry out the Florida GOP’s reactionary agenda. One of those bills, SB 256, is an attempt to destroy public-sector unions across the state of Florida, including Chrisley’s own AFSCME Local 3342. Chrisley and three others were arrested for speaking out against these policies.

The members of the Tampa 4 were brutalized by police without provocation, arrested and charged with disrupting school activity, battery on a law enforcement officer, and resisting an arrest without violence. We trade unionists stand up to defend the right to protest, to show that we won’t stand for the anti-people, anti-worker agenda being put through from top down, and join with others to defend our hard-fought for unions, organizations, and educational programs.