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Member voices

These are the essential voices that go unheard when Colorado’s public college, university, and county workers lack basic workplace rights.

Joy Wagner-Sepulveda, CCD

“I am passionate about being an adjunct in higher education, but I often feel like I am flying without a net (job security, health insurance, maternity leave, etc.) That is why this act is so important to me.”

Craig Svonkin, MSU

“Faculty are the ones with the day in and day out knowledge of our students’ needs. We thus need to be there with a real voice for students and higher education.”

Trish Morarie, UNC

“After 16 years I do not make a living wage in Colorado. Without this bill I may be forced to move or change careers. It is heartbreaking to imagine leaving family and my dream behind.”


JoAnn McCarthy

JoAnn McCarthy

Adjunct faculty, Community College of Denver

“It is time for our state leaders and Governor to step in. We are burning out, and students and institutions are experiencing a revolving door of adjunct faculty.”

Read JoAnn’s full op-ed in the Colorado Times Recorder: